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5 Ideas to Include in Your Wedding Day

Weddings have vastly changed throughout the years. Gone are the days of stiff ceremonies and red carpeted reception halls. Couples are branching out and holding weddings everywhere; from deserts to vineyards, churches to libraries, and barns to country clubs. Naturally, as the traditional weddings broaden their horizons, new ideas are born.

After photographing over 100 weddings, I've witnessed many different renditions and spins when it comes to this beautiful celebration. Rather than combing the web for new trends and ideas- I am doing the work for you!

Here are 5 new ideas to add to your wedding day:

  1. Private dance

This has been one of my favorite trends for several reasons. Incorporating a private dance into your wedding day provides an opportunity to focus on just your lover amidst the bustling celebration activities. You can incorporate a private first dance during several different points in your wedding day: have the moment immediately after the first look, sneak away during cocktail hour, or at the very end of the night.

2. View the reception area privately

Another highly recommended idea, viewing your wedding reception privately. You worked so hard to create the perfect reception- down to every detail! Having a second to view your dreams coming to life with your new spouse is a great way to kick off your reception. Sneak off during cocktail hour with your photographer if the reception is in a separate area, or take a moment before guests arrive and fill the space.

3. Guest books with a spin

Almost every wedding includes a guest book to record the memories of the day. Instead of having guests write a note or sign their name, consider adding a "bit of spice" to the idea. Offering a polaroid station allows guests the chance to capture parts of the night you might have missed and creates a fun scrapbook. Photo guestbooks add a visual to the memories of your wedding day, and provides a fun activity included in cocktail hour and the reception.

4. Hire a live wedding painter

I have seen this idea grow more popular through the years and I am all about it! Hiring a painter to live paint your ceremony or reception scene is such a unique idea. Not only do you have the surprise of the big reveal during your wedding, you have a special keepsake that can go straight on your wall when the night is over. A painting of your wedding adds a whimsical twist to your day, plus, not many can say their actual wedding was photographed AND painted!

Here are a few of my favorite wedding artists:

5. Consider a confetti-filled first kiss

Add a fun and unexpected twist to the end of your ceremony with a confetti canon! Leave guests surprised, bridal party stoked, and the photos epic.

Hopefully this sparked some creativity and has you thinking on fun twists you can incorporate in your wedding. Whatever you decide, at the end of the day, it's a celebration of your love and that is something that will always be unique in itself.



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