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Your elopement is more than just an intimate ceremony. It’s a celebration of the deepest essence of human existence: love and connection in its purest, most unfiltered form.

My approach is to curate a day that mirrors your unique journey together. It’s about embracing authenticity over tradition, creating moments that resonate with your hearts alone.


Elopements allow you to focus on each other without distractions, creating a deeply personal and authentic experience. You have the freedom to choose any location, whether it's a mountaintop, beach, or cityscape, and the flexibility to plan your day exactly as you envision it. Instead of paying for hundreds of guest meals & a large venue space for a few hours, elopements allow you to allocate your resources towards what truly matters to you.

With fewer logistics to manage, elopements typically involve less stress and more joy-filled moments, ensuring a relaxed and memorable day. Whether you're exploring a new destination or revisiting a meaningful place, elopements embody a sense of adventure and romance that can't be replicated.

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If You Value...

Intimacy and Authenticity

Freedom and Flexibility

Less Stress, More Joy

Adventure and Romance

Less Script, More Moments

....Then you're in the right place

















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A seamless workflow process to ensure you can focus on what matters most.









Complete the contact form below & share your vision and dreams for your upcoming elopement. I want to hear it all, I'm a big fan of receiving mini novels in my inbox!

We'll schedule a complimentary call to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you have. I want to ensure that I understand your needs and preferences. After the call you'll receive a detailed proposal outlining my services tailored to your needs, ensuring clarity and confidence.

I'll be with you every step of the way from dreaming to planning  ALL of the logistics for your elopement to make sure you're fully prepared. We'll discuss locations, permits, timelines, and more. 

Your elopement day has arrived, and all the plans we've meticulously planned come into fruition. Today is your day to soak in the moments and revel in your wedded bliss. 

Alexa & Chad

"Hailey instantly put us at ease. Her relaxed and friendly approach allowed us to be ourselves, resulting in photos that truly reflect our happiness and love. The entire experience was wonderful, and we're grateful for the beautiful memories captured."

Melissa & Ben

"Choosing Hailey as our photographer was the best decision we made. Her attention to detail and creative eye transformed our intimate ceremony into a work of art. The photos speak for themselves—stunning, emotional, and timeless. Thank you for capturing our love so authentically!"

Lisa & John 

"From our first consultation to receiving our final gallery,  Hailey impressed us with her professionalism and dedication. She took the time to understand our vision and preferences, ensuring that every shot was perfect. The quality of their work is outstanding, and we can't stop admiring our gallery!"
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Along with your very own dedicated elopement expert, you'll find...

Your biggest hype girl

Guides & Resources

Destination Ideas

Sneak Peeks within 48 hours

Timely support 

Artfully captured portraits in your own online gallery

The Packages

Local packages for Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia elopements. All travel costs are included in the packages below. For elopements outside the DMV, contact me for a free consultation & quote tailored to your exact needs & wishes 

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4 Hours

Ideal for capturing the essence of your intimate ceremony and the joy of your first moments as newlyweds. Includes 4 hours of coverage local to Maryland and the DMV


Coastal weddings-4.jpg

8 Hours

Perfect for those seeking extended coverage to encompass more of your elopement day. Includes 8 hours of photography, ensuring every detail and emotion is beautifully documented while soaking in every second of your day.


Coastal weddings-6.jpg

12 Hours

For couples who desire a two-day celebration, combining the intimacy of the elopement day with a micro celebration. This package offers 12 hours of coverage split over two days, ensuring all aspects of your love story are well- preserved.



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