Why Your Bio is Everything

Since the dawn of time (or really, the dawn of this website), I have passionately hated my bio. It sounds a bit harsh, but really, it's the truth. Whenever friends or relatives would peruse my website in front of me, when they would reach the bio page, I would quickly say, "oh, there's really nothing to see there. Go back to the portfolio."

When I thought of my bio, the words, "uncomfortable", "long", "boring", and "bland" came to mind.

What's the point of a bio, anyway? How much of this is really about you? You're the one behind the camera, your likes and thoughts really barely affect your work, right?


The turning point for my wretched bio came during a time of deep reflection on my business. I was struggling with my style, editing, and areas of focus in photography. It was when I finally realized that my business has everything to do about me, my likes, and my passions that overnight my bio became my most important website page.

Today I want to share why it should be your most important page and how it can become your favorite page as well. I'll make this short, fun, and hopefully very applicable. I'm all about practical paired with fun. It's like eating gummy vitamins. You're taking in your needed nutrients but also having fun doing so. Gummy vitamins are the soul reason I actually get up in the morning. I just thought you should know this.

The Why

While everyone's why's can be different and personal, there should be some basic "why should my website include a bio" for everyone:

1. The Face Behind the Talent

This is SO important, especially if you want your clients to view you more than just a service. You ARE more than just a service- there's a soul and a heart behind the art. There's a person filled with dreams, goals, and a need to be able to afford their gummy vitamins. The bio is your way as a business owner to make your clients care about you, not just what you can do for them.

2. Your Style Affects EVERYTHING

Your personal style is important. The way you interact with people, the way you edit a photo, and the way you conduct your business are all unique reflections of you. When we look at our bios as an opportunity to let loose and essentially create an "open house" for what gets you excited, you'll in turn get your client excited too. If you start the positive, excited vibes, it'll be hard for your clients to not feel the same way.

3. Show the Heart

Believe it or not, you really do affect your business in ways we often forget. By showing you're a people person who has a passion to not just capture a moment, but get to know the person in the moment, you're showing that your business is so much more than a way to afford your gummy vitamins. You're essentially saying, "yes, I would very much like to buy gummy vitamins. But getting to meet you, know you, and provide services that you will love and cherish is just as high on my totem pole."

4. Connections Over EVERYTHING

I'm not sure why I keep capitalizing EVERYTHING. It's just one of