The One with a Baby, Balloon Basket & Imagination

One of the best things about being a photographer is having the creative freedom to dream, organize, and create photo magic. Whether that's through the use of props, bold editing styles, or computer wizardry, the possibilities are endless!

I discovered myself one day stuck in a rut. I'm not sure how this happened; yet, there I was- one email away from a breakdown. I had grown used to the same routine- email, edit, shoot. While I was improving in the way I carried out a wedding day, I was also losing my love for photography. I would log onto Instagram and grow envious of my fellow photographer friends who seemed to be having all the fun and utilizing their imagination in their portrait sessions.

Somehow along the way I had convinced myself that in order to take my hobby to a business level, all the joy and magic that first captivated me in photography would have to leave.

Passion, love, and creativity can still fit inside a business model. You just have to schedule it into the dream.

This year, one of the goals I've set for myself is being more intentional with my creativity. In doing so, I'm actively protecting myself from burn-out while encouraging creativity...the thing that sparked it all from the beginning.

I've started designing inspiration boards on Pinterest and pinning colors that catch my eye, photoshoot ideas, new poses to try, and props to incorporate. I've found this is not only keeping me excited, it's also nailing down my style. Just scrolling through my boards I've been able to identify my photography style: bright, whimsical, authentic, and colorful.

One recent whim of inspiration included a basket, an ADORABLE baby, a dozen balloons, and an aviator hat. Throughout this session there were giggles, experimenting with different props, and lots of smiles. Our UP inspired balloon basket session was just what my photo-loving, imagination-craving heart needed. I think your heart needs to see these photos too:

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Peep the cloud onesie and blanket that looks as soft as a cloud

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