The Christmas Casa

After a long hiatus involving travel, weddings, moving, and adopting a puppy, we are back on the blog and ready to fill your screen with joy & cheer...Christmas style.

In September I moved into my first home in the beautiful town of Old Ellicott City. It's beautiful house, set upon a hill surrounded by pines. A trail leads to the downtown below where quaint shops line the street and a river flows beside the town. Very homey, very cute, very fairytale-ish, you get the vibe.

Decorating is a passion of mine right next to photography. I figure if you're going to document something, you should make it look beautiful. It's been wonderful to have a home for the holiday's where we can decorate every inch.

Anyways, this is enough words for this blog. We all know you came for the photos. I'm not even mad.

Our Christmas Casa: dressed in Holiday style

My perfect rose gold tree: Walmart

Gold star: Hobby Lobby

Ornaments: Michaels

I ADORE my whimsical ornament collection. They're bright & cheery & pastels

I spray painted a lawnmower tire for a different kind of tree skirt. I didn't expect it to work so well!

This is our puppy, Maple. She's so used to cameras that she just assumes when I bring out the camera, it's on her behalf. The entire time I was snapping pictures, she followed me around to pose. I can't begin to explain how adorable it was.

All things pastel & Christmas

Christmas shops: Kohls

Onto our traditional Christmas dining room

Complete with garland & stockings

Stockings: Five below

Garland: Michaels

And our advent wreath. Every Sunday in December leading up to Christmas we light a candle. On Christmas Eve, we light the middle, white candle. I first heard of this tradition when I lived in Germany and it makes my heart happy to be continuing it in my home.

I wanted some kind of Christmas decor for this wall but I couldn't find anything that fit the vision in my head. So, I foraged in our woods, found a stick, and created my vision.

We found this hutch at a yard sale for $20. It's been the perfect piece for our dining room and it's so easy to switch up for each season.

This is the Nativity set from my childhood. It's precious to me...and it's weathered a lot. I'm fairly certain every piece has been super glued in some fashion. It's seen things.

The recipe box is from my Nana and is filled with her handwritten home cooking. Above it is her old camera she traveled the world with capturing beautiful moments. It's a shelf full of precious memories.

When I lived in Germany, we traveled to France during Christmas to see all the Christmas markets. The beautiful words "Joyeux Noel" were inscribed every where amongst the twinkle lights. I love that it's now in my home and I think of my time in Europe every time I see it.

Maple posing so perfectly. Since all photos are about her.

Again. Maple ready for her big camera moment.

It's so lovely to sit at night with the lights out and stare at all the twinkle lights. Everyone should have their cozy place where they feel at home. This is mine & I couldn't ask for anything more.

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