Small Town America

Our road trip has taken us on the back roads of Colorado to forgotten towns that hold a great importance to our nation. The towns and the people that feed our families through the back-breaking work of raising animals, crops, and the next generation of American farmers. Their lives revolve around the land, families, and their country. They're beautiful souls whose lives & small towns should not only be recognized but also documented.

Cue the documentation.

The land of farm equipment,

retro stores,

grain elevators,

original main streets...

filled with shops that hold the essentials.

The flat land where the sun shines bright and work is never finished.

Where one can see a storm miles away; yet, it can hit in a second's notice.

Where cattle are both raised for food and decor

and home to the cutest, friendliest coffee shops.

Where the county fair is a big deal & town pride is painted on the storefront windows.

There's beauty that lies in the back roads that lead to small town America.

-Hailey Rae

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