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Normally, I only blog about weddings and engagements. But this blog, is less of a maternity debut, and more a of a story. The journey of two people and one photographer.

I met Amanda and Evan in college. Fairly early in our college careers, we knew that Amanda and Evan were meant to be together. Amanda lived in the room next to mine so I basically had the down-low on their relationship since the beginning. Not that I'm nosey or anything...

So it came as no surprise the day Evan walked up to me beaming in the cafeteria. "You're going to propose soon, aren't you?" He smiled. "It would mean a lot to Amanda if you were there to capture the moment." Thus, Hailey was included on one of the most special moments: the proposal.

Then came the engagement photos. We snuck on a ski slope nearby our college just to take some photos in the snow. We felt accomplished walking back to our car after the session. "You'll photograph our wedding too, won't you?" Amanda looked at me.

...And that's the story of how Hailey photographed her very first wedding. A very special way to begin the wedding business.

And so here we are. Blink twice and it's 2018. My very first couple, is very soon to become a party of three.

So back to the park we go. This time, rather than a ski slope, it's the Shenandoah Valley.

Aren't they darling?

Hailey Rae

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