On Greek Soil- The Destination

It's been a long three days. I've never been happier to see incomprehensible, Greek symbols in my life.

After spending over 14 hours in the Istanbul airport, I was honestly seconds away from taking any of these flights. But I kept this photo on my phone

1. for flight information that finally appeared in English on the screen


2. The excitement of an airport. The bustling to and from countless cities, countries, and states. Budapest, Stuttgart, Venice, Amsterdam, and Thessaloniki.

One eternity later, we were finally standing on the tar mat. Climbing the metal steps into the plane, I (probably illegally, let's be honest) snapped this sunrise over Istanbul. Did we enjoy our 14 hour layover? No. Does this scene make it worth every hassle? Still no.

By 9:40 AM, our plane's wheels left the Turkish soil in the dust and our final decent was underway.

At 9:40 AM, we arrived. Isn't time change just the best?

I'll spare you the details of customs, declaring that I had nothing to declare, and navigating through the airport.

By 10:30 AM, this was our view:

I'm currently playing a game called European Pictionary. If the picture makes sense in my mind, I'll go for it. I think that's a wise decision on my part...

Currently, we've landed in the small town of Perea. A suburb of Thessaloniki, it's an easy walk to the sea and shoppes. Staying with friends, our time is occupied by three energetic kids who speak Greek at amazingly fast speeds. I'm not kidding. I've been thrown into a real-life "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

You're probably tired of reading all this. Heck, I'm tired of hearing myself think....and with all this jet lag and time changes, I could very well be talking out loud and just not realizing it. I think my eyes are twitching.

For now, here are the top sights I found alluring enough to snap a photo:

I love that you can walk to the store and downtown area. I loved this about Germany too.

It's all Greek to me! Ha. Ha. I've waited a long time to write that.

Greece on the sea

The sea on Greece. Seriously. I need to go to bed.

All the houses are different and so open. Neighbors lean out from their porches and chat with neighbors across the way as they hang their laundry to dry.

I'm not entirely sure what I pictured, but I'm happy with what I see.

Welcome to Greece.

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