Oh the Places You'll {Hopefully} Go!

I enjoy dreaming. Sometimes it's the drive to finish the details in order to attain the bigger picture. Sometimes it's simply the hope I need.

But there's different dreams for different parts of my life. Whether it's my job title, the little apartment out west, or the dream to one day be on time to every engagement....I got dreams, baby.

And some of those dreams relate to photography.

Places to see.

People to meet.

Love to photograph.

Moments to lock in before time blurs the memories in our minds.

...That sounded pretty deep. Carrying on.

While I could go on dreaming all the days and be content to do so, I thought I could take this party in my head and invite in the entire internet population...because that's not scary or anything...

I present to you, the Hailey Rae list of dreams:

A desert wedding

Photos on an ocean pier

Wedding on a ski slope & in a ski lodge

Engagement in a greenhouse



Flower crown photo session

An elopement

A wedding in a different country

Two in a canoe

City Hall wedding

Love in a lavender field

Some are a bit generic while others are more outlined. But these are just the beginning of my dreams. In the one year I've been photographing weddings, I've seen my dreams and goals reach all new levels.

And internet, I've got dream fever.

I've included this cheery little list on my homepage. So whoever stops in on this little corner of the internet might either laugh, scroll onward, or ponder the list and realize that they could rock the world of a 5'1 Maryland girl.

If one of these dreams peaks your interest, email me and I promise I will reply with an irrational amount of exclamation marks that may or may not be professional.

And because these dreams are special to me, I'll make an offer special for you.

Imagine a theoretical cherry on the top of this bundle.

Unless you don't like cherries.

Then skip that.

Did I miss anything on this list?

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