New York, New York

Over Veteran's Day, a friend and I caught the bus up to NYC for a day of taking in the sights.

I wanted to blog about NYC in a way that those who have never crossed paths with the lives of busy New Yorkers, toured the bustling streets, or admired the lights on every corner, could see the city in its raw yet beautiful state.

If that sentence didn't make sense to is a photo tour of NYC for the day. Enjoy!

To start, New York City never lacks in the intriguing people department.

Nor do they want for nothing in the yellow cab selection. "you get a taxi, and you get a taxi..."

Okay, so, maybe I should preface this picture and say this is the Veteran's Day parade. This is not a common scene.

New York City is the type of place that carries whatever you fancy. Even if you didn't know you fancied it...they know and they have it waiting for you to discover.

Take this for example. Did I know I wanted a silver replica of the last supper? No. Where does one put a replica of the Last Supper? I don't know.

And just in case someone took that maiden statue right under your nose, you're in luck. There's a whole harem in this joint.

I feel like this lamp could've paid for my entire college education. And yet a bird still chose to cross its path. I swear, nothing is sacred to pigeons.

THIS; however, is something I know I wanted. Cactus display at Tiffany and CO. That store never fails to brighten my day.

A common scene on the streets. People of all talents sit beside their masterpieces...and if they're lucky, they can draw quite a crowd

...Or just me. Who snaps a photo and doesn't buy. Sry.

The closest this city gets to fall colors

This is me tackling an NYC boulder. Super classy, I know.

Mmmm. My determination is so attractive.

Jess made it look so graceful. I mean, the woman at least has long legs. And talent.

Even the design inside stores amazes me.

Rockefeller with their famous ice rink. It's approaching the most wonderful time of the year!

"The lights are so bright, but they never blind me...

....Welcome to New York City."

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