Nathan & Tiffany | Love on the Farm

September 30, 2017.

Arriving in Hedgesville, West Virginia, the sky was blue and clear as water and the sun was warming the dew on the morning grass. Inside the bride's house, feet shuffled from room to room as the girls prepared for the day of celebration. Tiffany sat glowing as she received the finishing touches to her hair. The girls helped Tiffany with her dress, and with one last smile, the bedroom door opened.

It was wedding time.

Below are some of my favorite pictures capturing the moments of the day. It's a beautiful thing to be a wedding photographer- you never know what special moments you might witness.

Let's start with the fact that Nathan and Tiffany wed on a quiet hill overlooking the pastures of the Bartgis's farm. Up a path of trees, a break in the forest revealed the top of the hill and a burgundy curtain divided the forest from the aisle. Along the aisle chairs lined the hilltop. Hay-bales sat in the distance and the mountains riveted the background.

I could sit here and describe the entire scene to you or I could finally get to the pictures. Seeing how this is a photography blog, not a literary blog that parces words and flavors a page with verbs seasoned perfectly with adjectives like pepperoni on a pizza. You came for the pictures.

I told you it was beautiful.