Love at City Hall

Some time ago I blogged about my photography bucket list. Included in the list was everything from a desert wedding to an intimate ceremony at city hall.

I clicked "published" and waited on a miracle.

And then came the email. "Small ceremony...courthouse....Annapolis...available?" You could say I was more or less thrilled.

Morgan and Joseph's wedding at city hall in October was simple, classy, and sweet. The couple wed inside my capital's courthouse on a sunny day surrounded by their families.

As I send out the album today, I thought you would like a glimpse at the wedding that accomplished a check in the bucket list. The wedding that answered dreams.

How cute are these kids?! Morgan found the cutest outfits and their expressions just take the cake!

Morgan's mom said when she was married Princess Diana's puffy sleeves were all the rage. Looking back, she laughs and noted that the style is very dated. She told Morgan to select a dress that was classy and ageless. I think Morgan more than succeeded.

And that's how love began at city hall

Hailey Rae

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