Angus and Dairy - The Voyage

If you made it past the title, you're either intrigued, confused, or questioning Hailey's sanity. That's fine. I'll welcome all reasons. This is a judgement-free corner of the web.

Today begins a journey. A voyage. A new chapter in a continual story. The story of Angus and Dairy.

You might have seen Val's (Dairy) face here and there on this majestic site. When it comes to the wedding scene, we're two peas in a pod. And outside the chapel, reception halls, and lovely venues we've documented, we share common ground on the home front: we're farm girls. Valerie can milk cows in record time and I can hold my own in the herding, corralling, and wrasseling department. Is wrasseling a word? Probably not. But for this instance, it's going to be an honorary verb.

And like all good farmers do, we met online. Is this safe? Is this the type of thing parents worldwide caution children next to retrieving candy from unmarked vans? Am I really sitting in an airport ready to leave the country with this woman? It's fine. It has to be fine.

Here's the neat thing about my pal Val, or, my Val pal. She's young, smart, single, and full of adventure. She lived in Greece, I lived in Germany. She plans to visit all 7 continents, I plan to....try. But the very best thing about Val....

...she's a doer. If she says we are traveling, by golly, we are traveling.

So here we are today...traveling.

Today we embark on the edge of our voyage- Greece bound and down. Loaded up and flyn'. We're about to do what they say can't (I don't know who actually says that) be done.

For the next 10 days, we are running all over Greece. Literally? No. Have you seen me? Have you seen the length of my legs?

From Thessaloniki to Athens, we're out to see the sights, minister to the locals, and eat all the foods.

....But the most EXCITING part?

You're coming with us! As long as there is Wifi, there's a post from Angus and Dairy.

Buckle that metaphorical seatbelt, swallow that imaginary Benadryl (as we are about to for this 11 hour flight), and keep that mouse on refresh! It's a new month, new year, and I do believe, it's time for a very new adventure.

"You'll be in our hearts" - Tarzan

-Angus and Dairy, The Cow Pals on the moooove

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