A Rose Gold & Tiffany Blue Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! So naturally, shouldn't everything just sparkle and radiate with all the happiness of the season?

I think so anyways.

This year I determined to construct a color scheme for the little cactus cove. Initially, I envisioned a pink tree with white decorations. But sometimes inspiration comes in the most random of places... and for me it came as I stood in Michael's craft store surrounded by 90% of the population in my county who were taking advantage of Michael's weekend blow-out Christmas sale. And by taking advantage I mean congested aisles with cart collisions, ornaments flying everywhere, and customers pitching the floor display Christmas trees into their carts and booking it to the register. It's the most wonderful. time. of. the. year.

I digress.

Tiffany Blue & Rose Gold.

I won't bore you with the details of my life such as calling every Walmart in a 30 mile radius of me to find a rose-gold tree. Or visiting every store in town just to make sure every detail matched my dream. Or the fact Pinterest provided little inspiration for my color scheme and I was left following my hot-mess heart.

What matters is it all came together in the most wonderful of ways and I am so excited to share on my little corner of the internet!

And if you want nothing more than to create your own Tiffany & Rose-Gold Christmas fest, I'll link all my finds below

Happy little deer {A.K.A. Modern-day Rudolph & Clarice} : Michaels

Sign: stolen from mother so...best of luck

I found these vintage pink Christmas balls in a bag for $1 at some antique store. And they're simply perfect.

I once helped a friend fill out college applications to enroll in Masters and in return, he drew me a Dr. Suess. I got the better end of the deal, obviously.

The quilt is another brilliant antique find. It's hand-stitched and I wrap it around myself on long editing nights. And in the day. And when I get home from work. Basically, I live in this quilt.

Just in case you weren't convinced that the cactus cove is the cutest little office ever, here you have it; decked in holiday style.

If you need me, I'll be here living inside my quilt, blaring Christmas music, and answering emails by the light of the Christmas tree and the smell of my pine-scented candle.

Hailey Rae

Ornaments: Michaels and Five Below

Rose Gold Christmas Tree: Walmart

Pink Ombre Mini Trees: Target

Glitter "wonder" sign: Target

White fuzzy holiday strand {A.K.A. Cream Pom-pom Wall Garland}: Michaels

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