A1 Day1- The Planeover

When traveling and airports first come to mind, what appears in your imagination? For me, it's Pinterest photos of perfectly dressed passengers with their matching luggage staring out the large glass windows into the adventure ahead. Let's not sugarcoat our current state. I sit here typing this from a crowded airport in Istanbul. Im surrounded by some sort of monk group or something. People over the intercom yell foreign words every other minute and the woman across from me doesn't understand the term "inside voice." But let's talk about the bigger monstrosity we currently battle: Planeover. I realize it's called jet lag. I understand the reason, but at this moment in time, planeover sounds as good as any word for this feeling. Plus, our plane is over, and it's left us in this current emotional/physical state/wreck. Currently we are nursing our planeover. Our bodies feel weak, our eyes fuzzy, my watch and phone tell two different times, and brain doesn't know how to react and which time to follow. And to add a cherry to the top of our lovely state of affairs, Turkish scribbles dot every poster, wall, floor, and banner in site. Mix in a few English words here and there, a random Popeyes, and you're left with a mixture of confusion and frustration. Welcome to the Istanbul Airport! Our plane departed from D.C at 10:55 PM- right on schedule. We were assigned to the middle row where I grew acquainted with my seat buddy; a dear old man with deep-set wrinkles. During the course of our "planeship", we exchanged five words: "thank you, Albania, America, Goodbye." He was the type of person one could only dream to have in a grandfather. He never complained about my oversized backpack, gave me his peanuts, and tucked in my blanket whenever it slipped off my lap as I slept. Helping me into my coat, he squeezed my hand, and whispered goodbye. Currently the highlight of this trip. My mind is surrounded in this new country fog, but in the last 24 hours I can say I have now: - Flown 11 hours straight - Exited off a plane from the back. It felt weird. It felt like we were bailing unexpectedly, not departing correctly - Stuffed into a compact bus with some kamikaze driver who rocked us which way and that across the tar strip and deposited us outside the airport entrance - Walked on Turkey soil - Questioned if I wanted to spend $30 on a Turkey Visa. Quickly came to my senses. - Slept in an airport. Because 14 hour layovers are lots of fun. - Brushed my teeth in a public restroom surrounded by several dozen women. - Woke up three different times forgetting where I was It's 10:00 PM. Almost full circle. This is the hardest part of the travel. If we survive this 14 hour layover along with 2 day insomnia, we can conquer anything. And you better watch out. Until then. We'll be here. In this airport. Eating gummy bears. Enjoying this free two hour wifi. Cheers and gummy bears, Dairy and Angus  

"Our eyes are open in that photo, right?" "Yea, I think so"