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δύο- Two Day in Greek Culture

If you opened up this blog post after reading that incredibly ridiculous (but quite punny!) title, I'm impressed. You're either a dedicated reader, or you're skipping to the bottom just to see the photos. Again, this is judgement-free territory. 

After a 3 hour nap and 12 hours of sleep, I think Val and I can now say we are on European time! Bravo! (That means "good job" in Greek....and we are going to pretend that I didn't just ask Val for the translation and I knew it.)

After a breakfast of Greek yogurt, some type of oat granola, and coffee, Valerie and I set off to purchase fresh bread from the bakery. I just really like the fact that you can walk to the store. I realize people in the cities of America can do the same thing, and honestly, if I lived in the city, I probably would still be thrilled. Let's just pretend because it's Greece and we were walking to a real Greek bakery, I was TWICE excited, or δύο excited. I also looked that word up. I'm just not doing well with all this Greek, ok?

 Please enjoy today's outfit featuring the complimentary plane blanket I am now using as a clothing accessory (thank you Turkish Airlines). I also apologize for the random gang symbol thrown up in the first image. Please excuse my lack of street knowledge as I was homeschooled during the formative years of my life. 

Below are snapshots of the scenery we enjoyed on our bakery outing...you know, the photos you actually came to see. I promise not to model or design outfits anytime soon. 

 "90 something percent of Greeks are Greek Orthodox" -Statistics told by Val 

I absolutely love this. The bright oranges and the blue car parked in the front lawn (??) just seem so cheery on this rainy Sunday

 Finally, we found the bakery. Once again, some European Pictionary came into play. 

 Please enjoy these two photos before the owner yelled at me for photographing his food. I'm sorry that you make photo-worthy food, ok?

 This is bread dunked in chocolate. America, realize your potential, PLEASE. 

Next, we strolled down to the sea.  The perfect, Mediterranean Sea. 

 The simple white with the colorful clothespins made the aesthetically pleasing gene in me smile. 

Today was pretty low-key. Between the trip to the bakery and taking the children for an evening stroll, we've been catching a breath and being fully immersed in Greek life. Here are the top things about Greek living that you don't see on National Geographic:

- You can literally buy toast at the grocery store. It comes in a little clear wrap and its's the most perfect toast I've seen in my life

-Everything is made of marble. Every. Thing. You automatically feel way more sophisticated.

-Due to their small pipes, you cannot flush toilet paper. We don't have to consider this point for very long, just know I chant that to myself like some sort of village priest every time I enter the "water closet". God-forbid I mess with the fragile ecosystem within those marble walls. 

-Greeks are not morning people. Their prime time is afternoon and evening. Many places stay open until midnight...literally a college kid's dream.

-It's illegal to homeschool your children. It's the same for Germany...it just gives me a greater appreciation for the freedoms that come with my navy blue passport. 

-Greeks pronounce "Valerie" "Valaria"...basically malaria with a "va" beginning. My name is just pronounced, "Holly". 

-Dogs run wild around the streets. Some have collars, some don't have homes, but they don't really bother you. They're like the American version of pigeons...except, I think there are also pigeons here...

-Canary cages are like THE porch accessory. It's actually pretty neat! All the colorful bird houses swinging in the breeze. It just seems happy. And if you haven't caught on, I'm really into happy. 

There you have it- the inside scoop on Greek living. Aren't you glad I jumped continents just to inform you of all this? 

Join us tomorrow for more fascinating Greek facts! Until then, we'll be here, watching "Frozen" in Greek....where Olaf speaks at amazingly fast speeds for a Greek snowman. 

-Dairy and Angus

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