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The Luvable Idiots

It was a Friday in late September when my friends coaxed me out of the house to a coffee shop. August and September had been difficult months for me and I felt myself going through a period of unexpected change, loneliness, and the need to reinvent myself. My friends knew, and so on that evening in September they convinced me to join them for live music in downtown Westminster. I just didn't realize that evening would be the beginning of a wild ride.

As the band played, we were immediately impressed by their talent. They played covers of songs we all knew and loved, and incorporated a few of their originals. We laughed at their commentary and hummed along to the rhythms. As I sat there in the back of this coffee shop feeling the light fall breeze and gazing at the twinkle lights above the makeshift stage, I realized I hadn't felt this happy in a while. I snapped a photo on my phone to remember the moment, tagged the band, and posted it to social media.

The evening drew to a close, the band played their final song, we said goodbye & good luck to the band, and parted ways. I thought that was the end of our evening. But around 10 PM my phone lit up with an Instagram DM from Jack the band leader: "You're a photographer? Would you photograph our shows?" I sat and stared at the message for a bit pondering a response. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I wouldn't know the first thing about band photography. Plus, the lighting is a whole new animal with flashing colors and blinding beams. What if I can't live up to the expectations? I started to type out a message politely declining due to my lack of experience, but a little voice inside whispered, "but what if you tried?"

I took the chance.

Flash forward seven months, I'm standing on a stage overlooking a sea of 550+ faces. The theater is brimming and cheers crescendo as the band files onstage to begin their very first headlining performance. I make eye contact with the head singer and smile. How did I go from an evening at a coffee shop to photographing the fastest growing band in Baltimore? I chose to try.

The Luvable Idiots are the fastest growing band in Baltimore, Maryland. They are electrifying the DMV music scene with an infectiously fun blend of energy and talent that gets people moving. They recently released two originals on Apple music and Spotify.

It's taken a lot of time, practice, and post-processing, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Watching the Luvable Idiots grow first-hand has been an experience that is both unexpected and so honoring. For the ones who are on the brink of change and fear the unknown, I challenge you with these words, "but what if you tried?" You may find that you Luv it.

The Luvable Idiots:

The venue: The Recher

Stay in the loop: Instagram

Contact: Website

Listen & Luv: Apple or Spotify


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